Testing iOS app on Low/High/Good/Bad/Average Internet

We develop apps on high-speed office internet or home internet. I hope you test apps on no internet, Have you ever tested your app on a poor internet connection or 2G, etc...

This article helps you test your iOS native app on Low, High, Poor internet connections. I demonstrate how to make various internet settings on an iOS device and Simulator.

Let’s dive into an iOS Device:

Open your Xcode project and go to Window -> Devices and Simulators -> Select Devices Tab. Make sure your device connected.

Now you see your device in the list and make it selected.

Make sure to select Network Link for Condition and select very poor internet and start it.

After start now you can see setting button on top of iphone.

Now open your app and test how the app is behaving, Is the API got time-out error/ slow loading network images. Find the error if any and make sure handled. In my case, I open Appstore and it showing the following error.

Once your testing is completed, make sure to stop network link condition to none. You can stop for a device or you can go Devices and Simulator -> Condition -> None

We did testing on the physical device up to now. What if you don't have a device, let see how to keep settings for Simulator.

Let's dive into an iOS simulator:

It is quite easy to make setup on iOS Devices. For the simulator, we need to download some stuff.

Open https://developer.apple.com/download/more/?=xcode

download Additional Tools for Xcode XX

After download open it and Go to Hardware -> Install Network Link Conditioner.prefpane

After installing, it moves to preferences

Open Network Link Conditioner, It shows like below.

Select Very Bad Network on Dropdown Profile. Make it on from the Left side.

On the mac status bar, you can see a symbol like below.

Once it is ON, You can test your app as we did on the device section. So after completing make sure to OFF the Network Link Conditioner.

You can also test the app on 2G, 3G, LTE, Edge, Wifi in poor, average, good conditions. Hope you enjoyed this article 😀

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